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Blueseal logoBlue Seal specialises in the design, manufacture, distribution and after-sales support of food service and bakery equipment.

CupponelogoSince 1963, Lorenzo, Luigi and Paolo Cuppone have specialized in high-quality pizza preparation equipment. Cuppone has spent years creating innovative and revolutionary equipment for the modern pizza maker, including the first use of a microprocessor-based system to control oven temperature and heating power in 1981. In 2003 they unveiled the first ever oven designed to fit into a corner, an ergonomically efficient space-saver. In 2005 Cuppone established Cuppone America in California to bring their unique brand to North America. In 2010 they debuted the first rotating stone-deck electric oven for the modern pizza operation. Cuppone covers all aspects of design and production and are always looking to the future to improve their products.

Falcon logoFalcon Foodservice is the UK's leading manufacturer of professional cooking equipment; supplying operators and chefs across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. With a company history going back nearly 200 years, we supply all market sectors. Our extensive client base includes chain restaurants, breweries, hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, the armed forces and marine installations. A comprehensive product portfolio is complemented by responsive technical support and award-winning customer service. This provides a guarantee that you can be confident that Falcon has the capability of being able to meet all of your kitchen requirements.

Foster logoIn refrigeration, one name has always led the way. Foster Refrigerator, the UK market leader, manufactures a wide range of award-winning commercial fridges and commercial freezers for the foodservice, bakery and retail industries. The innovative foodservice refrigeration product range includes refrigerated storage cabinets and counters, freezer storage cabinets and counters, blast chillers and blast freezers, food preparation refrigeration, multideck refrigerated display, patisserie display fridges, multideck display chillers, ice makers, water coolers, walk-in coldrooms, temperature monitoring and refrigeration equipment specially developed for the professional baker.

Genware logoGenware offers the right balance of performance, quality and value. Its range offers a wide choice of products ideal for busy professional kitchens. Genware is a name synonymous with quality, durability and performance

Gram logoRefrigerators and freezers from Gram fulfil the varied needs of all parts of the foodservice industry. From Michelin stared restaurants, 5 star hotels, hospitals, schools and staff canteens we provide products and solutions for customers of all sizes. Some of the products in our range are also specifically designed for self service facilities in restaurants, hotels and canteens.

Imperial logoIMPERIAL COMMERCIAL COOKING EQUIPMENT Since its inception in 1957, Imperial has remained a family-owned company whose mission is to be the preferred global supplier of high quality, top value cooking equipment to the foodservice industry. Imperial utilizes highly skilled employees combined with innovative manufacturing processes. Imperial continually invests in state-of-the-art technology and machinery as part of the commitment to future growth. This provides enhanced efficiencies, lower production costs and consistent, top quality equipment.

Interlevin logoFormed in 1967, Interlevin import and wholesale a range of more than 750 professional commercial refrigeration and catering products though its network of distributors in the UK and Ireland. Based in Castle Donington near Derby we are ideally placed for distribution of goods over the whole of the UK, Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Interlevin has succeeded in the commercial refrigeration and catering industry because we have anticipated market trends and in many cases helped create them. Our constant goal to achieve total customer satisfaction is evident in our ability to work closely with leading global manufacturers to source and develop new and innovative products and bring them to the market place. Linked to our unrivalled large stockholding, excellent delivery, installation and after-sales support, we are Market Leaders and strive to maintain this position.

Lincat logoCommercial catering equipment for professional kitchens Lincat is one of the world's leading names in commercial catering equipment. Our website includes information about our company and our product ranges, as well as a technical specifications database. With a range extending to some 450 products, Lincat can meet the majority of your catering equipment needs. It includes oven ranges, hobs, combi steamers, fryers, griddles and grills, as well as hot cupboards, water boilers, food display merchandisers and ventilation canopies. All Lincat products sold since 1 June 2013 now carry a two year warranty. In the UK and Ireland this is a comprehensive on site parts and labour warranty.

Parry logoThe Parry Group offer a range of Catering, Lighting & Bespoke Fabrication services. Parry is proud to be one of the few manufacturers that still support British craftsmanship at its manufacturing plant based in Draycott, Derbyshire. Our products are made to the highest quality using industry leading manufacturing techniques to provide the best possible solution for you.

Pitco logoIn 1918, our goal was to offer a simple, reliable piece of kitchen machinery for professional frying. Maybe it was fish sticks. Or French-fries. Or onion rings perhaps. All we wanted to do was make some equipment that would make it easier for our customers to offer the "best fries in town." Little did we know that such a goal would lead us on the road to innovation. Fact is, ever since that first Pitco machine was delivered, we've been in the forefront of the fryer industry. We've been the leader -- researching, designing, and delivering new ideas for frying. So while times and tastes do change, you can always count on Pitco to be the first to bring you the best new ideas in the business.

Rational logoRATIONAL sees itself as a specialist in hot food preparation in the world’s professional kitchens. This clear self-image is the basis of a success story that dates back over 40 years. RATIONAL’s primary corporate objective has always been to offer the maximum possible benefits to its customers. Regular innovation has guaranteed its leading position by far in terms of technology and market share. Rapid growth has increased its share of the world market to 54%. Over 100 million meals are now prepared every day in RATIONAL units in all parts of the world.

Robot Coupe logoIt is in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a well-known region for its gastronomy, that Robot-coupe has created more than 40 years ago the Robot-Coupe food processor. As precursor and uncontested leader, Robot-coupe, manufacturer of food preparation equipment, offers a wide range of machines adapted to each professional needs (restaurants, institutions, delicatessens, caterers...).

Sharp logoFrom coffee shop or pub, to fine dining or event catering, quality, consistency and flexibility are vital. Sharp’s extensive history in the manufacture of world class ovens has resulted in a comprehensive range of professional microwaves that cater for all these requirements and more. As a market leader Sharp utilise innovative Japanese technology and build to ensure that whether for light or heavy duty our products are robust, reliable and easy to use.

Valentinesl logoWith over 60 years of Swiss engineering experience, Valentine is committed to supplying durable and cost-effective Fryers and Multicookers. Valentine`s sister company, Cuisinequip was born through this excellent industry knowledge, offering quality induction cooking equipment for takeaway outlets. Commercial fryers are valuable pieces of equipment because of the high yields they produce. Operators can expect exceptional temperature control and a cleverly designed pan, which not only improves energy efficiency and reduces oil usage, but also helps chefs control the frying process more precisely, and as a result, produce higher quality food. Improving energy efficiency means frying times can be reduced, which is a distinct advantage for caterers looking for a quick turnaround time, especially during busy lunch and dinner periods.

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